TrustFinder: Making Content Safe on the Internet

TrustFinder is a tool for researchers that enables them to share, access and annotate information online more reliably. It enhances trust by enabling the source of data and annotations to be verified, thereby reducing the risk of misinformation.

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TrustFinder: Enabling Verified Information Environments (VIE)

Verified Information Environments (VIEs) bring trust and authenticity to internet communications and online data. VIEs bind context to data to improve information quality using shared data schemas and protocols, and governance mechanisms such as trust frameworks, standardized rules, and compensating controls.

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How Does TrustFinder Help Researchers to Verify Annotations and Ensure the Integrity of Information?

Watch the video and see how it works:

Features of TrustFinder

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Binds digitally signed annotations to data anywhere on the web

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Enables author and authenticity of online claims to be identified

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Carries claim authentication across documents

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Highlights annotation category – for example, positive or negative

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Applies new linked data and cryptographic techniques to enhance information integrity

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Creates Verified Information Environments (VIEs) for researchers on the internet

TrustFinder Benefits to Researchers

With TrustFinder, researchers can achieve a number of benefits relating to resources, safety, integrity and speed:

  • Create trust – Build trust in online content and data
  • Verify data – Where did the information come from?
  • Spot disinformation – Avoid content from bad actors
  • Accelerate problem-solving – Act on data with confidence
  • Prevent errors – Avoid budget and decision mistakes
  • Ensure security and usability – Deliver a usable solution to all

Use Cases



Political office

Civic Engagement

Nurse taking blood pressure

Public Health

Combine harvester

Food Security


Banking & Finance

Press briefing


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